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Throughout the past twenty years, Graeme Leach has delivered over a thousand speeches and presentations, in 25 different countries, no less. And his audiences have ranged from intimate and after dinner settings to 2,000 people in the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London.

Furthermore, Leach has written a large number of articles on topics of economy and Brexit and in his keynote presentations he addresses such issues as economic outlook (global and UK outlook, economic policy issues, future megatrends and geopolitics), Brexit (challenging the conventional wisdom) and a presentation entitled The RACE – for economic supremacy in the 21st century (focusing on long term prosperity).


the great inflection

Drawing on the core themes in Graeme's

forthcoming book (end 2021).

  • The Great Inflection
  • The book presents the optimistic case for the future - that the coming decade will see the 'Roaring Twenties' due to a technology led surge in productivity growth.



Economic outlook (Global and UK outlook, economic policy issues, future megatrends and geopolitics)

  • Global economic outlook.
  • UK economic outlook.



Graeme is one of Britain’s leading experts on the economics of BREXIT and its future impact.

  • Graeme forecast Brexit 5 years before it happened.
  • He has unrivalled knowledge of the subject and explains all sides of the debate and potential future outcomes.


Former Regional Director IoD

" Graeme Leach was very much our number one choice for a first class speaker at our dinners and seminars. He is an incredibly bright man who has the rare gift of explaining complex factors affecting the economy with simplicity and a great sense of humor."

Chris Dodson


"An inspiring speaker on the present and future economic outlook ... Graeme is particularly good at making the complex sound simple and engaging his audience while dealing with complex subjects".

Gareth Williams

CEO Gigaclear

"Great speaker and really easy to work with"

James Sproule

Chief Economist UK, Handelsbanken

"Just great"

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If you want to know what the future holds for the economy and economic policy spliced in with politics, geopolitics and future megatrends, then book Graeme for your conference. 

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